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We have the pleasure to inform you that in these days the Italian Ministry of Economic Development has sent us a certificate of patent for industrial invention of our Superconnettore.

It's an innovative solution that allows great flexibility by adapting the product to the technical and economic requirements of the Customer. Changes in material and size allow customized solutions.

The patent covers the heeled tooth form that varying the material used or its development gives a result of anchoring with the corresponding female predictable and calculable. For example in the sizing of steel screws.

With this solution we have developed an innovative product that has reached values ​​of pull-out from 60 kN to 280 kN. Values ​​of shear strength from 60 kN to over 250 kN.

It 's a result that rewards our efforts in product development which required three years of intense work in collaboration with various research laboratories and in particular with the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Tor Vergata in Rome, which has developed a precise testing protocol.

Since 2010 we have manufactured and used with great success and full customer’s satisfaction over 2 million copies and we have already received orders for an equal amount.
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