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Our history

  • Our history

    Fama S.p.A. is an Italian company that since 1988 designs, certifies, manufactures, markets and ensures high assistance on site of products dedicated for precast lining of tunnels realized with the system of mechanized excavation by TBM.

    Fama S.p.A. specializes in the development of sealing systems and a wide range of accessories for the connection, lifting and anchoring systems for the construction of tunnels with the TBM system. Fama addresses to the market as the only Italian company which guarantees to the customer covering the entire cycle for the supply of gaskets and a wide range of accessories. The client in this way has a single source to turn to during all phases of the work.

    Fama S.p.A. has a structured collaboration with the most important centers of excellence in technology transfer and several university centers. With the use of mathematical simulation software MSc Marc, Fama Spa studies and develops innovative products, customized and patented.

    Fama S.p.A. is ISO 9001 certified for its quality system and responds optimally to STUVA recommendations. Fame has also developed a procedure for the specific quality of the process and product for the sector big constructions.

    Fama S.p.A. is the first Italian company that has designed and implemented a gasket integrated in the formwork during the casting and which incorporates permanently affixed to the concrete. The anchored gasket Fama UG012A was applied for the first time in Italy at Scilla, in the tunnel Terna, with great success of the Client and the Constructor.
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    Since 1995, more than 50 galleries around the world are constructed and under construction using the products of Fama S.p.A. The Fama gasket UG019A was also used in the Sparvo Tunnel (Highway Bologna-Firenze) where has worked the largest tunnel boring machine in the world with TBM-EPM technology. The first tunnel excavated under the Himalaya (Kishanganga Project) was realized with the Superconnettore Fama.
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Pordenone -ITALY
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